"I have now been dating my boyfriend for 9 months..."

A year ago I was really struggling with internet dating; my single friends were saying "just don’t even bother, it’s awful” and my friends in relationships were saying “you’re so lucky, it’s such fun.”

Having come out of a divorce and an intense rebound relationship, I needed some guidance!

I was continuing to date with people that I wasn’t sure about and struggling to cut things off. I didn’t know what I wanted and I was addicted to dating apps, losing hours scrolling and then having to stop for weeks to be able to breathe again. Finding balance was tough and I was riddled with self doubt - was I even able to hold onto a relationship?!

I was also struggling with holding dating and feminism together - leaning into what felt good but also maintaining my feminism - I didn’t know how to do that. The strategy we developed really helped me to evaluate the guys I was dating and gave me vocabulary to be able to name what I was feeling. Dufflyn gave great advice about setting my calendar up for success!

 I have now been dating my boyfriend for 9 months. He is a star and I am very excited about our future together! I wouldn’t have found myself (and also him!) without Dufflyn’s help.

Lauren, London, UK

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